Miners Find Giant Pink Diamond in Angola The Largest in 300 Years

Miners in Angola have uncovered another giant pink diamond just seven years after they opened the mine in 2015.

The 170-carat stone is a historic find because it is believed to be the largest pink diamond recovered in the last three hundred years.

The diamond has been given the name “The Lulo Rose”, named for the mine itself, which has been extraordinary in its revelations.

So far, the Lulo mining project has uncovered 27 diamonds weighing more than 100 carats, including the largest diamond ever found in Angola: the 404-carat ‘4th February Stone,’ which sold for $16 million in 2016.

This historical pink diamond is the 5th largest diamond found in the Southern African nation.

The Lulo Rose will be sold by Sodiam E.P, the Angolan State Diamond Marketing Company.

“Lulo is truly a gift,” said Lucapa Diamond Company Managing Director Stephen Wetherall. “We are once again made very proud by yet another historic recovery.”