3-Foot Giant Tortoise Saved From Train Tracks Thanks to Determined Woman Who Spotted the Escapee

Train services bound for Cambridge, England, were halted to rescue a giant tortoise that had strayed onto the tracks.

Clyde the tortoise was spotted walking the rail line, but the report was initially not taken seriously by railway workers.

After a passenger spotted the animal on a track northeast of Thetford, in Norfolk, she immediately raised the alarm.

Diane Akers posted a photo on Twitter to notify the Greater Anglia train operators, but she wasn’t sure the message got through.

“When we got to Norwich station I told staff in the office there, and the man looked at me as if I was mad,” Akers told BBC.

But then a police officer came along and said he’d seen her tweet.

The 2.5ft lumbering giant escaped his home at the Swallow Aquatics in East Harling, Norfolk, breaking through a wall in his pen.

“Giant tortoises can move quite quickly and he landed up about half a mile from home,” one of the caretakers told the Metro.uk newspaper.

Clyde has lived at the center for several years after his family could no longer care for their pet.

The August 1st incident caused four rail lines to be affected—with two trains being terminated early and another starting 20 minutes behind schedule.

The 140-pound animal was checked out by vets, but was only superficially affected when a 4-5 inch piece of its shell broke off. They said it should grow back over time, but all its organs are fine.